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    Aloha, my name is Jamie-Lee Tang, the owner and photographer for Boudoir Hawaii by JTang Productions LLC.


    Born and raised in the islands I have found my passion for lifestyle/ fashion & boudoir photography.


    My goal in this world has always been to make a positive difference in peoples' lives, show them their true beauty and have them leaving a photo session with me feeling stunning and exhilarated.


    I know its hard sometimes to get in front of the camera and perhaps you might feel little anxious. Trust me when I say, "you won't regret getting in front of the camera and showing your colors." You're sexy and I'll show you!"

    I'd say I'm a late bloomer and no, I'm not talking about puberty. I'm talking about my "why". Growing up I didn't find my personality. I was afraid of everything, I wasn't confident in myself. I had graduated college, just lost my dad to cancer and all I could think about was how amazing he said his life was. He got to live so many different lives and really LIVE. At 26, I still hadn't attempted to LIVE life and it was my time to face all of my fears. I decided to go full force into my photography career and through learning more about photography, I learned more about how to be comfortable in front of the camera by putting myself there too. I not only worked on being confident for myself, but also for my baby sisters who had just lost both of their parents. I was now their role model and they were my little guinea pigs! Once I got them in front of the camera, it was amazing to see their lives change just from a little bit of confidence.

    Trust me, I know the Body Struggles we women go through and I have been ALL different sizes, from a size 14 down to a size 0. I've experienced the difficulties of managing my body and learning to love it in every stage. I have grown more confident by honestly learning to love myself regardless and to capture my body at every stage. I know my mental health appreciates it!

    I have a client closet and will help with styling your shoot to be perfect for you, all the way down to helping you pick out the best outfits for your shoot. You are going to feel amazing after we shoot and I can't wait to see your confidence flourish once you see your photos!




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    Instagram: @boudoirhawaii

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