About the Studio

This studio was created with my boudoir clients in mind. Who doesn't want to come to Hawaii and shoot in a Tropical Studio?

Throughout my years of doing boudoir photography, I have come to realize that my clients want to get the Hawaii look without feeling uncomfortable shooting at the beach. If this is you, this studio is perfect for you, but honestly anyone would love this place. It's a Tropical Oasis!

Everything you could imagine in a boudoir studio is here, with 3 different styles of Tropical Tubs, a Tropical Shower, Surfboard themed Bench, a Book Nook, Tropical Studio Background painted and designed by @Sansaidso. We have multiple different Hammocks, Seemless Studio Background, a Tropical Bed and Mirror Set up as well as a a lounge chair & a Bali Bed (by Ambient Rentals).

We will create a unique photoshoot experience that is YOUR style!

Hawaii Tropical Studio Logo Designed by Dani G